Shortcut Virus

What is that Shortcut virus?

If you have this type of virus you must know that without any further delays you should delete it. In all cases you are advised to remove Shortcut virus. Nonetheless, you first have to be informed that Shortcut virus can be of two types, taking into account where has it intruded. To begin with, you may be reading this article if the files on your flash drive were modified into shortcuts. What is more, there is one more reason why you may be concerned about Shortcut virus removal. To tell the truth, it can happen if you have recently got rid of any browser hijacker, but you still notice being redirected to unknown pages. This means that hijacker has left its shortcut on Windows operating system and now you cannot operate the system normally. No matter which case you are interested in, this article provides all the necessary data on how to delete Shortcut virus.

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What are the types of Shortcut virus?

A)     Flash Drive Shortcut Virus

As it was presented above, Shortcut virus is known to be of two types. It can be Shortcut virus destroying all your flash drive files. Also, it can be Shortcut virus taking over some shortcuts of your favorite browser and then redirecting you to some infected sites. What has to be also emphasized is that Shortcut virus as a threat does not really exist. The virus intruding your browser and USB is called Shortcut virus, because that’s how this type of virus expresses itself – by converting files into shortcuts. In case of browsers, it attaches shortcuts to your home page addresses, so you are constantly land on unsafe and unfamiliar websites. In both cases try to immediately get rid of Shortcut virus and you may be able to recover your flash drive files.

shortcut virus Shortcut Virus

B) Browser Hijackers Like aartemis or qvo6 Shortcut Virus

To make it clear, some widely known browser hijackers should be blamed for infecting your browser with shortcuts. At the beginning, your computer is infected with a browser hijacker. What cares in this case, it is Qvo6, Aartemis and Qone8 hijackers. You may be bothered by their irritating activity and remove these hijackers. However, they save a disadvantageous feature to add its shortcuts to browser executable files. Interestingly, the user thinks that has just removed the hijacker, but still notices to be rerouted to some sites and is left confused. The user cannot understand why this is happening and how to terminate annoying redirections. What he/she has to do is to delete Shortcut virus, or more clearly, eliminate the shortcut which is attached to the executable of the favorite browser.

What is the relation between Shortcut virus and browser hijackers?

As you were already presented, browser hijackers leave their shortcuts on your browser and do not let you surf the net as you are redirected to the sites you know nothing about. You were also informed that these tricky hijackers related with Shortcut virus are Qvo6, Aartemis and Qone8. All of them come to the system in the same way, after the user downloads any freeware. This kind of software has Qvo6, Aartemis and Qone8 bundled and so, installs it without the user’s consent. After one of these browser hijackers are activated, the user’s Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome browser is conquered and its setting are modified. The user finds startup page and search engine changed to, or, depending on which hijacker has managed to intrude the system. Follow the passages below to get to know how to erase Shortcut virus and have your browser cleaned.

How can I get Shortcut virus on flash drive?

You should be educated that you can catch Shortcut virus if you have put your memory card on a number of computers which were infected. Moreover, computers which become quickly infected by viruses usually have anti-virus programs which are not updated and so, do not fully protect the system. Shortcut virus normally infects your computer and then your memory card. Then, all your current flash drive files are converted into shortcuts, so you are unable to open any of them. You may think that you cannot regain your important data, but that’s not true. Rely on the information in the following paragraph on how to eliminate Shortcut virus.

How to remove Browser Hijacker Shortcut virus?

In order to remove Shortcut virus firstly you have to choose between two removal procedures. One removal procedure fits you if you have Shortcut virus on your flash drive and the other if you have it on your Windows operating system. Both procedures are provided below – you only have to accomplish it. While performing the removal of the virus which has intruded your PC, you will also need to download an anti-malware software named SpyHunter.

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How to remove Shortcut virus from computer?

  1. Find the icon of the infected browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome).
  2. Make a right-click on the browser’s icon and navigate to Properties.
    remove shortcutvirus chrome Shortcut Virusremove shortcutvirus chrome 2 Shortcut Virus
  3. In this section, find Shortcut tab.
    remove shortcutvirus chrome 3 Shortcut Virusremove shortcutvirus ie Shortcut Virus
  4. Remove the shortcut of QVo6, Aartemis or Qone8, attached to the executable of your browser.
  5. Additionally, download and install SpyHunter which is a malware removal tool.
  6. Additionally, download and install SpyHunter which is a malware removal tool.
  7. Scan your system in order to ensure yourself that Shortcut virus won’t bother you anymore.
  8. Remove any listed suspicious threats.

How to remove Flash drive/USB  Shortcut virus?

  1. Plug in your flash drive which was infected.
  2. Select Win + R keys in order to be shown Run box.
  3. Here, enter cmd and click on Enter.
    remove shortcutvirus command line Shortcut Virus
  1. When you are provided with the command prompt (shown above), look for the default path location.
  2. Here, type in -h -r -s /s /d E:\*.*” and click on Enter. Notice that “E” can also be “F” or “G”, depending on your drive letter.
  3. Then, enter “del *.lnk”. Press on Enter again.
  4. At the end, type in “attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l” and choose Enter.

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